Children of the Siege, Diney Costeloe
Children of the Siege
Returning to Paris from the country after the Franco-Prussian war, the St Clair family discovers a city of barricades, its streets on fire, its houses ransacked. Caught up in the cruelty of the Commune, the St Clair’s daughter, little Helene, falls ill and is captured. Escape sees Helene lost, alone and fending for herself on the war-torn streets.
BogMail, Patrick McGinley
A bartender, a body, a bog…a blackmailer. After publican, and former priest, Tim Roarty executes his bartender for unwanted advances on his daughter, the ‘bogmail’ begins. First published in 1978, this darkly comic and critically acclaimed mystery is still as fresh as a newly-dug bog.
The Samaritan's Secret, Matt Rees
The Samaritan's Secret
Murder in an ancient Samaritan community. Hundreds of millions of government dollars in the control of a dead man. But where’s the money? Visiting Nablus, Omar Yussef must solve the murder and find the money before Palestinian aid is cut.
Dracula, Bram Stoker
A fragmented epistolary narrative told unreliably from multiple perspectives, Dracula is the genre-defining gothic horror which sinks its teeth into humankind’s darkest fears and desires. In an epic tale of emigration, Stoker’s masterpiece lifts the lid on masculinity and sexuality in the Victorian era. Over a century later, it still bites.
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