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Herbert Wells

Herbert George Wells was a prolific English author and a key figure in science fiction. His best-known works include The Time Machine (1895), The Invisible Man (1897), and War of the Worlds (1898). Honored as a "father of Science Fiction," he was nominated for the Nobel Literature Prize four times. The film rendition of The War of the Worlds won the Hugo award for Best Dramatic Presentation in 1954.

Herbert Wells was born in Bromley, Kent, in 1866. He was the son of a professional cricket player and a domestic servant. Despite a difficult childhood, he obtained a scholarship to study biology at the Royal College of Science in London. There Wells developed a deep interest in science and the natural world.

After completing his studies, Wells began to write short stories, articles, and books. His first novel, The Time Machine, published in 1895, was an instant success. It was followed by some other classics, including The Island of Dr. Moreau, The Invisible Man, and War of the Worlds.

The film War of the Worlds, produced by George Pal and directed by Byron Haskin, was released in 1953 and starred in Gene Barry and Ann Robinson. It was a critical and commercial success and is now considered a classic of the science fiction genre.

Herbert Wells was also a social commentator and political activist. He strongly advocated for progressive social reform and used his writing to explore the ideas and issues he was passionate about. His non-fiction work, The Outline of History (1920), was seminal in history, and his novel, The Shape of Things to Come (1933), explored his vision for the future world.

Throughout his life, Wells remained a committed and engaged citizen and was involved in several political and social causes. He was a vocal critic of colonialism and imperialism and advocated for a world government to promote peace and cooperation among nations. He also played a role in the Fabian Society, a socialist organization in British politics in the early 20th century.

Herbert Wells died at the age of 79.
years of life: 21 September 1866 13 August 1946

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An an­imal per­fectly in har­mony with its en­vir­on­ment is a per­fect mech­an­ism.
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There is no dif­fer­ence between Time and any of the three di­men­sions of Space ex­cept that our con­scious­ness moves along it.
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There is no dif­fer­ence between Time and any of the three di­men­sions of Space ex­cept that our con­scious­ness moves along it


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