Free English books/Бесплатно на английском
Meta X Fiction
Books about books? How very meta.
All About Them
Truth is stranger than fiction. Let’s take a closer look at the real life stories behind some intriguing figures in the public eye.
Autoras trans
De todo un poco: ensayo, poesía, autobiografía, cómic, ciencia ficción, novela y más. Para abrir canales y acercarnos a escuchar las voces de mujeres que desde su existencia resisten contra las normas de sexo y género
Autoras árabes #FilGDL2022
En preparación para la FIL GDL 2022, esta es una lista de autoras árabes.
Mind healing
Autoras japonesas
Malazan Book of Fallen
mind is the master of the body!
Understanding BTS
This collection of books are the ones I consider important to understand not only the BU, also the concept of their albums and songs. [In progress] [I'm baby army so feel free to suggest titles] ESP/ENG
Knjige na engleskom
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