JG Foster

J. G. Foster is a German author of young adult and contemporary novels. She published her first book Jessie Grean in 2021.

"My venture into writing was short-lived and I shelved my notebooks along with all ideas. It took me a failed start-up to rethink what I wanted to do with my life and dusted up a couple of pages of a graphic novel concept. As I hadn’t learned to draw in a way to make this form of book work, I turned the speech bubbles into, what now has become Jessie Grean. My first ever book. To be honest, I am very proud of this achievement as I thought it would never happen," Julia says.

J. G. Foster currently lives in the Boston area for the past ten years. Before moving to the USA, she lived in the UK, France, and Australia. Her second book, Say What Now?, came out in October 2022. This contemporary adult novel includes her experience of moving abroad.

Photo credit: FB @jgfosterauthor


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