JG Foster

Jessie Grean

All she’s ever known was…

…bullying and pain.

Could a mentor lead her from despair?

Jessie Grean gets out of her bad home in Boston and moved to Cambridge. At 16-years old, she’s been bullied because of her looks, abused by her single mother, and never known love. Jessie’s new school counselor, though, sees something in her.

Sam wasn’t always a counselor.

He knew a thing or two about magic, illusions, and being a mentalist.

Was the stage her ticket out of this life?

She was eager to learn. Sam was the first kind person she had known and the secrets he taught filled her with hope. As Jessie struggled to understand, grow, and heal, she must make some hard decisions. Choosing between what’s moral and what’s easy was tough.

What happened next…

…sent her world into a tailspin.

You’ll love this coming-of-age story, because Jessie’s journey is one we can all learn from. It will keep you turning the pages.
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