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David Brooks

David Brooks (born August 11, 1961) is an American author and conservative political and cultural commentator who writes for The New York Times. He has worked as a film critic for The Washington Times; a reporter and later op-ed editor for The Wall Street Journal; a senior editor at The Weekly Standard from its inception; a contributing editor at Newsweek and The Atlantic Monthly; and a commentator on NPR. Brooks is currently a columnist for The New York Times and commentator on PBS NewsHour. Brooks also serves on the board of the radical centrist New America think tank.



Nastya Richterhas quotedlast year
The world tells them to be a good consumer, but they want to be the one consumed—by a moral cause. The world tells them to want independence, but they want interdependence—to be enmeshed in a web of warm relationships. The world tells them to want individual freedom, but they want intimacy, responsibility, and commitment. The world wants them to climb the ladder and pursue success, but they want to be a person for others.
Nastya Richterhas quotedlast year
People on the first mountain have lives that are mobile and lightly attached. People on the second mountain are deeply rooted and deeply committed.
Nastya Richterhas quotedlast year
When we experience joy we often feel we have glimpsed into a deeper and truer layer of reality.
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