Next Time You Feel Angry

This small eBook deals with human emotions, specifically here with 'anger'.This first book in a new series of 'OSHO SOLUTIONS" consists of a single talk by Osho and uses a Zen story as a teaching tool to deepen the readers understanding how to deal with anger. Understanding is totally different approach compared to 'self-help' or 'how-to' models which often try to give outside solutions for an inner problem. Osho brings a clarity to this issue and helps your own inner understanding to solve problems.
40 printed pages
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    Ramesh Lshared an impressionlast year
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    Great book about what really ails you in anger. The moment you understand it is from your periphery, you are free. Good read!

    ritahushared an impression2 years ago

    dezumwashared an impression2 years ago
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    b0694392071has quoted6 months ago
    Meditation can only be a help to that person who has come to a right understanding with his inner diseases, when he has come to understand which disease is false, which disease is wrongly identified, and which disease is not there at all – the container is empty.
    Chanthipapha Sopanaphimonhas quotedlast year
    The difference between a buddha and you is not a difference of character – remember it. It is not a difference of morality, it is not a difference in virtue or non-virtue. It is a difference in where you are grounded.
    ritahuhas quoted2 years ago
    Now psychologists say that almost eighty percent of diseases are caused by repressed emotions: so many heart failures means so much anger has been repressed in the heart, so much hatred that the heart is poisoned.

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