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JG Foster

Say What Now

Mareike Korn is a German woman facing a daunting move to Boston, USA, where her husband's job has temporarily relocated their family. While most would find such an adventure exciting, Mareike's late-stage pregnancy adds a new level of anxiety to the experience. Determined to keep her family together, Mareike documents her journey in a bullet journal, sharing her triumphs and missteps in this foreign land.

As she navigates the unfamiliar culture and customs, Mareike's journal becomes a place to capture everything from the joys of discovering new places to the awkward moments that come with being a stranger in a strange land. Will this record of her experience help her appreciate the beauty of the new world around her, or will she long for the comforts of home once it's time to return? Follow Mareike's journey as she explores the ups and downs of pregnancy and cultural differences in this heartfelt and humorous epistolary travel book.
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  • Margo Fernandezshared an impressionlast year
    🙈Lost On Me


  • Liz Gutierrezhas quotedlast year
    Awkward faux pas in a new culture.
  • Liz Gutierrezhas quotedlast year
    Awkward faux pas in a new culture.
  • 오효영has quotedlast year
    important than being a stranger in a new place.

    To keep herself sane through the ups and downs of her adventure, Mareike chronicles her experience in her bullet journal. The panic of impending
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