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A matter of life and death – and the Throne of England
Companion volume to Mary, Bloody Mary. Set in the 16th Century, this tells of the danger and conflict Elizabeth Tudor faced after the death of her father, Henry VIII. Once again told from a young girl's point of view, we follow Elizabeth's teenage years through the turbulent reigns of her young brother Edward, and then her half-sister Mary who becomes her mortal enemy.
Overkill, Michael Wood
You have never read anything like this in your life. A truly remarkable comic debut.
If you put Mel Brooks, Eddie Izzard, Spike Milligan, and Salvador Dali around a table in an enclosed room with no lights and a few cylinders of Nitrous Oxide fizzing away in the corner and asked them to write a book, they might have come up with Danny Yates Must Die. But why bother when Stephen Walker can do it unaided?
It follows the adventures of sad Danny Yates on the run from the Great Osmosis, formerly a failed magician, now a rapacious landlord with a bucket permanently attached to his head. Along the way, Danny meets up with:
• Teena Rama, a scientist so beautiful she has to sedate people to stop them falling in love with her• a gang of nuns who know wonderful songs about sea-horsies• a giant alien ant intent on world domination with his fledgling army of one earwig and one cockroach (both dead)• his only friend Lucy who point-blank refuses to help him in any way because she’s still cataloguing all the possible permutations of breast shape, weight, nipple structure and directional swing that exist within the human species.
Carl Fogarty, four-time Superbike World Champion and bestselling author, draws on 18 years of international motorcycle riding to give readers a comprehensive guide to bikes, and how to ride them, from competition to leisure biking.
He begins by describing how he started out in bike racing by going to race schools. Advice is given on how to get started in the sport before Carl explores all the key techniques which the novice rider will need in their repertoire.
He goes on to talk about preparation for race riding, how you gear yourself physically through fitness, diet and teamwork for the demands of each race. Mental strength is just as important — how to block out danger, the different approach required for qualifying and racing, and how to treat the opposition.
Then we take to the track, as Carl explores the essential components of competitive racing. With expert advice from Ducati’s top technicians, Carl stresses the importance of testing and set-up; race strategy is also covered — how and when should a rider overtake? There is Carl’s own insight into track management as he talks the reader round the Superbike circuits in Britain and the rest of the world. There is also a full review of other types of racing, such as Enduro and Motocross and a look at leisure road riding.
The book combines personal experiences and anecdotes from Carl’s glittering career, with advice on how to improve their techniques.
Foggy on Bikes, Carl Fogarty
Stephen Walker hits hard with his surreal hammer. Eye-wateringly funny novel.
Wyndam-on-sea. Rainy season. Next Sunday.
Sally manages her uncle’s caravan park. He’s ordered her to keep the park dull; the town council — feeling that the resort’s image is being damaged by the liveliness of its caravan parks — has promised a million pounds to the least exciting park in Wyndam-on-sea. If that million pounds isn’t won, the park will close.
18 year-old Teena Rama is 148.7% too beautiful — and gaining a percentage point every two days. Soon no one will be able to meet her without falling in love.
Mr Landen has no brain. But he does have a tub of margerine between his ears.
These three facts are somehow related.
{"strong"=>["Jordan Radcliffe is found stabbed to death.", «Her boyfriend’s finger prints are on the knife and his clothes are covered in her blood.», «Case closed… Or is it?»], “br”=>[nil, nil]}
When Jordan’s estranged father Jake learns of his only daughter’s death, he is convinced that there is more to her murder than he is being told. But Jake hasn’t seen Jordan for over three years and, with secrets of her own, she was far from the child he abandoned all those years ago.
Jake’s ex-wife Jules, is reluctant to let him waltz back into her life. But with a question mark hanging over the case, Jake knows that he must piece together the fragments of evidence before it is too late.
Will he ever discover the truth?
Her Last Secret, P.L. Kane
Pascoe’s wife becomes a moving target in this “delightfully quirky, literate, often explosively funny” mystery in the acclaimed series (Publishers Weekly).Reginald Hill “raised the classical British mystery to new heights” when he introduced pugnacious Yorkshire Det. Inspector Andrew Dalziel and his partner, the callow Sgt. Peter Pascoe (The New York Times Book Review). Their chafing differences in education, manners, technique, and temperament made them “the most remarkable duo in the annals of crime fiction” (Toronto Star). Adapted into a long-running hit show for the BBC, the Gold Dagger Award–winning series is now available as ebooks.Ellie Pascoe is a novelist, former campus radical, overprotective mother—and as an inspector’s wife, on high alert of suspicious behavior.  When she thwarts an abduction plot, her husband, Peter, and his partner, Andrew Dalziel, assume a link to one of their past cases. An attack on Ellie’s best friend, Daphne, and a series of threatening letters from Ellie’s foiled kidnappers prove them wrong. Packed off to an isolated seaside safe place, Ellie, Daphne, and their bodyguard, DC Shirley Novello, aren’t about to lie in wait for the culprits’ next move. They’re on the offensive. No matter how calculated their plot of retaliation is, they have no idea just how desperately someone wants Ellie out of the picture. Or how insanely epic the reasons are.Arms and the Women is the 19th book in the Dalziel and Pascoe Mysteries, but you may enjoy reading the series in any order.
The timeless Higgins classic, available in ebook format for the first time.
In the depths of a cavernous of concert hall, a gifted psychopath plots and waits, his thoughts on nothing but music and murder. He kills for pleasure, constantly searching, and with a brand new target in his sights, his mind spirals once again into torture and violence.
But this time, he has chosen the wrong victim; the teenage daughter of one of the most feared and respected SAS soldiers known; a man with more training and advanced killer instinct than even himself.
Now, the hunt is on. As soldier stalks maestro for a brutal vengeance, one attempts to outsmart the other in a deadly game of cunning, skill, and bloody expertise, building to a nerve-shattering climax.
Solo, Jack Higgins
The Cowboy Gets Hitched!
Wrangling fifty brides and fifty grooms is not rancher Cord Shaw's idea of fun. But somehow he's in charge of the World's Largest Old-Tyme Wedding in Jasper Gulch, Montana. Thankfully good-natured bridesmaid Katie Archer has agreed to help him with the details. Twice burned, Cord has vowed never to lose his heart again. And yet, picturing sweet Katie in vintage silk and lace makes him wonder…. When a couple suddenly pulls out of the festivities, Cord and Katie are roped in to tie the knot! It's all for show, of course, but Cord begins to wish his make-believe bride could be his for real.
BIG SKY CENTENNIAL: A small town rich in history…and love
Wrangling fifty brides and fifty grooms is not rancher Cord Shaw's idea of fun. But somehow he's in charge of the World's Largest Old-Tyme Wedding in Jasper Gulch, Montana. Thankfully good-natured bridesmaid Katie Archer has agreed to help him with the details. Twice burned, Cord has vowed never to lose his heart again. And yet, picturing sweet Katie in vintage silk and lace makes him wonder…. When a couple suddenly pulls out of the festivities, Cord and Katie are roped in to tie the knot! It's all for show, of course, but Cord begins to wish his make-believe bride could be his for real.
BIG SKY CENTENNIAL: A small town rich in history…and love
{"strong"=>["Curl up with this uplifting festive read — perfect for fans of Trisha Ashley and Carole Matthews."]}
{"strong"=>["Praise for Ellen Berry:"]}
‘Warm, funny and poignant’ The Daily Mail
‘A novel as comforting as a slice of homemade apple pie’ Red
’Brilliant . . . manages to capture family life perfectly’ Chick Lit Reviews
With a foreword from acclaimed psychologist, Dr Elaine Aron, comes a timely and invaluable book that will help redefine masculinity and reveal how high sensitivity can enrich men’s lives, their communities, and the lives of those who love them.
Highly sensitive people think deeply, empathize instinctively, and behave in an ethical way that benefits everyone. Today, with the negative effects of ‘toxic masculinity’ and aggressive behaviour in evidence all around us, we need highly sensitive people — especially men — more than ever. Yet for men, being highly sensitive brings distinct challenges, such as gender stereotypes that portray them as too emotional or not ‘manly’ enough.
Cognitive behavioural psychotherapist Tom Falkenstein offers the first psychological guide that specifically addresses highly sensitive men and those who care about them, and explores the unique advantages and obstacles they face. Drawing from his training with pioneer in the field Dr. Elaine Aron, and his own ground-breaking work, Falkenstein incorporates the most up-to-date research on high sensitivity, how it relates to male identity, and provides one-of-a-kind advice and practical tools, including:
• Self-assessment tests to measure high sensitivity• Strategies to cope with overstimulation and intense emotions• Exercises that enhance relaxation, mindfulness, and acceptance• Advice on self-care and self-compassion• Techniques to deal with situations that highly sensitive people often find difficult• Interviews with men who have learned to live well with high sensitivity• Insights into the key role that highly sensitive men have to play in today’s world
{"strong"=>["Set across a German-occupied 1940s Venice and modern-day London, this is a fascinating tale of the unspeakable bravery of everyday women in the darkest corners of WWII, for readers of Kate Quinn’s The Alice Network and Pam Jenoff’s The Lost Girls of Paris."]}
The world is at war, and Stella Jilani is leading a double life: by day she works in the lion’s den as a typist for the Reich office; by night, she risks her life as a messenger for the Venetian resistance — imparting Nazi secrets, transporting essential supplies across the city, and, most crucially, producing an underground newspaper on her beloved typewriter.
But when German commander, General Breugal, becomes suspicious, it seems he will stop at nothing to find the mole, and Stella knows she faces an uncertain future…
Years later, grieving Luisa Belmont finds a mysterious old Olivetti with a dropped e in her attic. Determined to find out who it belonged to, Luisa delves into the past, and soon uncovers a story of fierce love, unimaginable sacrifice, and, ultimately, the worst kind of betrayal…
This King James Bible is an authorised, high-quality ebook, published to mark the 400th anniversary of the book that truly changed the world. As well as retaining the trusted King James text, this ebook is reliable and user-friendly. Its many helpful features include:
— Table of contents for finding book, chapter and verse— Search tool for finding specific passages using key words— Cross-referenced footnotes throughout— British text and adjustable font sizes for easy readability— Tools for highlighting, bookmarking, and writing notes
An idealistic young prince convinces an aging warrior and a struggling witch to help him kill the dragon that is terrorizing his kingdomAs a vicious dragon stalks the Southlands, Crown Prince Gareth ventures to the forbidding North in search of the only man who can kill it. He is Lord Aversin, the Dragonsbane, whose dragon-slaying days have won him renown across the land. But when Gareth finds Lord Aversin, he discovers the mighty hero is squat and bespectacled, the ruler of a mud-village who admits that he killed the dragon not with a lance, but with ignoble poison. Still, heÆll have to do.Gareth and Aversin set off in company with Jenny Waynest, a witch with great ambitions but disappointingly puny powers—a ragtag crew destined to become legendary, or die in the attempt.This ebook features an illustrated biography of Barbara Hambly, including rare photos and never-before-seen documents from the author's personal collection.
Dragonsbane, Barbara Hambly
{"strong"=>["From the international bestselling author of The Secret Orphan“]}
{"em"=>["When all seems lost…"]}
As Hitler’s bombs rain down on a battered and beleaguered Britain, Ruby Shadwell is dealt the most devastating blow — her entire family lost during the Coventry Blitz.
{"em"=>["Hope still survives…"]}
Alone and with the city in chaos, Ruby is determined to survive this war and rebuild her life.  And a chance encounter with street urchin Tommy gives Ruby just the chance she needs…
{"em"=>["And love will overcome."]}
Because Tommy brings with him Canadian Sergeant Jean-Paul Clayton.  Jean-Paul is drawn to Ruby and wants to help her, but Ruby cannot bear another loss. Can love bloom amidst the ruins?  Or will the war take Ruby’s last chance at happiness too?
Sometimes one moment can change your life forever…
Rebecca Riley has always been a bit of a pushover. When her glamorous boss, Vanessa, asks her to jump, she doesn’t just ask how high… she asks if her boss would like her to grab a coffee on the way back down!
So when Rebecca’s mistaken for her boss whilst overseeing the renovation of Vanessa’s beautiful countryside home, she decides to go with it! Would it be so bad if she pretended to be Vanessa and swaps lives, just for a little while?
Sixteen-year-old Anna is an unremarkable schoolgirl. She does her homework, and keeps out of trouble. At home she emotionally supports her depressive mother and occasionally goes out with friends, but she allows no one to get close. Then Craig Ritchie storms into her life, and nothing is the same again.
Nothing much happens in Anna’s life. She gets on with her school work, helps her mum and keeps her fellow students at arm’s length. That is until Craig Ritchie arrives, a new boy at school. For reasons she’s not really sure about, Anna tries to befriend him, but finds him reticent.
Then one night Anna is mugged. She tackles her assailant and is horrified to see it is Craig. In the dark, he hadn't recognised her. They begin talking, and from here their strange friendship develops.
Craig, or Ritchie, as he prefers, has been involved in petty crime. He has a gang of friends from his old school who he still knocks around with and, gradually, Anna gets pulled into his world. But Ritchie isn't really the bad boy he first appears. Between them, he and Anna decide to use crime to try and redistribute wealth, rather than just steal for themselves. Anna thinks of them as latterday Robin Hoods. Their first few jobs work like a dream and Anna is excited and stimulated by her new life on the edge. She also realises that she and Ritchie are falling in love.
But then things start to go sour. Anna wants to stop the scams but Ritchie insists on just one final job, to get his own back on the father who abandoned him and his mother before he was even born. But there's something he's not telling her. They set up the job to steal from Ritchie’s dad’s house, but when his father discovers them, it transpires that Ritchie is really there for a completely different reason — to kill him. And to Anna's horror, he pulls out a gun …
Previously published in the print anthology The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding.A priceless ruby is stolen from a Far Eastern prince while he is in England. The ruby is intended for the prince's bride-to-be, and Hercule Poirot must find it before a scandal erupts.
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