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Agatha Christie

The Secret of Chimneys

When Anthony Cade is asked by his friend, Jimmy McGrath, to deliver a manuscript and a bunch of letters to a woman, little does he know that he will be involved in a high level political intrigue involving murder, false identities, diplomatic intrigue and theft of precious jewellery… This thrilling novel figures the debut of Superintendent Battle and the plot was suggested to Christie by none other than the famous P. G. Wodehouse!
«Castle's Select Tour, represented by seven depressed-looking females and three perspiring males, looked on with considerable interest. Evidently their Mr. Cade had met an old friend. They all admired Mr. Cade so much, his tall lean figure, his sun-tanned face, the light-hearted manner with which he settled disputes and cajoled them all into good temper. This friend of his now—surely rather a peculiar-looking man.About the same height as Mr. Cade, but thickset and not nearly so good-looking. The sort of man one read about in books, who probably kept a saloon…»
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