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TubeStarter: Starting A Successful YouTube Channel

Do you want to grow a YouTube channel to thousands and millions of subscribers and earn millions and billions of views? TubeStarter is the book for you! TubeStarter teaches you how to start a successful YouTube channel and grow it into a massive community.
TubeStarter is broken up into three main parts:
The first is the creation of your YouTube Channel including your name, channel art, profile picture, and the main topic of your channel. 
The second part is the video creation and upload process which will tell you how to come up with YouTube video ideas, creating the video, editing the video, upload the video, and adding all the important items like titles, descriptions, tags, thumbnails, cards, and end screens.
The final part is learning how to manage your YouTube channel to help turn it into a business and a job. You will learn how to engage with your YouTube audience, making brand deals, creating playlist, promoting your channel and videos, and learning many ways to make money online.
The book also includes an exclusive YouTube dictionary that gives you many specific YouTube terms
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  • Ноган Мацаковаhas quoted5 years ago
    2.3 Editing The Video
    When it comes to editing, it will come down to two things, software, and experience. Each person edits their videos differently and has their own style to how they edit and what they used to accomplish that. Some people love being as high tech as possible and want to be given every possible option to make their video perfect. Others prefer an extremely laid back editing style of simple editing on their smartphone. Others go for whatever is free and available to them. And there are a few that are still using the same exact video editing software that they have been using for ten years because they feel they have mastered their current software and don't want to learn anything new. Everyone has their own style and so do you. I can't tell you how you should edit your videos and what with, that is your decision to make. What I can tell you are my opinions for the best video editing software out there and a couple of tips for editing your video.
    If you are looking for the best of the best, I recommend getting Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro. These are your best and easiest to master video editing software on desktop.
    But if you are looking for a budget option on desktop then I recommend Blender and DaVinci Resolve. They closely resemble the high quality that you would receive with Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro but they are free softwares.
    And if you are on mobile the three apps I would recommend would be Kinemaster, the app I actually use to edit my videos on, PowerDirector, or iMovie. All three of these are great apps if you want to edit videos on your phone.
    Next up, I have a good amount of tips for you when you are video editing. The first being to remember to edit your video at the end for end screens to added later when uploaded to YouTube. The last thing you want to do is have end cards hiding what is on your video to where the viewer can’t see it. Remember that at the longest, you can have end screens for the last 20 seconds of your video but you don’t have to make it 20 seconds if it’s not necessary but concurrently you will want to give the viewer time to click on an end screen.
    You will want to add music to your video to set tones and keep your audience engaged. The most important thing to remember when adding music to your video is you don’t want the sound to overpower your voice and it’s a good idea to use only instrumental music and no vocal music. When you are picking out the music you want to use, pick something that works with the tone of your video and with your personality and remember the music must be copyright free or you have the rights to use the music. If you are talented, you can even make your own music to go with your videos. Just try it out and see what you can do.
    You will also need to change visuals frequently. You can’t stare into a camera for 15 minutes and talk to it without some watch time drop off. Be sure to use animations, stock footage, and stock photos to spice up what is being viewed and increase the audience retention.
    Another thing you will want to do is to be careful with color grading and adjustments as well. When doing color grading make it look pleasing to the viewer. Don’t make your skin extremely red or too pale, but a nice balance.
    Also, remember to cut out awkward silence in the video. It is so important to do this because I watch so many videos were the creator can be taken up to 10 seconds of not doing anything before saying something and this is so hard for me to watch because I know that these are the kinds of signs sent to viewers as a chance to leave the video and watch something else, killing the creator’s watch time.
    Take these tips and mix it with your own style and you will be an editing master. Just remember it will take practice. Over time you will get better and faster at editing your videos. I myself get better daily.
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