Neil Hoechlin



Anastasiia Kuznietsovahas quoted9 months ago
If you determine that you're a great writer, the only adjustment you need to make is to learn the right way to write compelling copy that sells well.
Anastasiia Kuznietsovahas quoted9 months ago
The following are general guidelines you need to be effective in this particular space:

>> A good web design that is not too complicated or overwhelming.

>> A good product

>> A USP or Unique Selling Position

But these are not enough to market, let alone sell products online.

As a copywriter, it is your job is to have your visitor want to stay and respond to your calls to action on the website. Introduce your product the best way possible. Persuade them and make them want to purchase.
Anastasiia Kuznietsovahas quoted9 months ago
Creating a better copy comes from knowing for whom your copy is written. Know your audience, your ideal customer, your buyer’s persona. By identifying and understanding your ideal buyer, allows you to anticipate and answer all possible questions or rejections that they may have regarding your product or service.
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