Raimon Samsó

Coaching for Daily Miracles

This is for people who want to help other people and achieve financial freedom, at the same time.

Are you a coach or a therapist and you do not earn a good living?

This e-book will help you multiply your income and really help others.

Do your customers sometimes overflow you with their problems? This e-book will help you to truly help your clients or patients.

¿How to be a visible coach? Get more customers, how to have a success consulting business, create a free lifestyle and become the reference in your coaching market. And achieve financial freedom.

This e-book fully describes the proven techniques that people like you can use to help other people: coaches, social workers, educators, consultants, therapists and psychotherapists, counselors, mentors, support professionals, and trainers.

It is an e-book that will make you more effective in helping and serving others.

I share what I have learned in the past seven years from my coaching practice with clients, none of which was taught to me by the schools I attended all my life.

I wrote this guide because it can serve as a useful and practical manual for people who care about others and who desire to help them.

Be a coach but be rich also.
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  • Руслана Долговесоваhas quoted2 years ago
    Coaches never know exactly how their coaching helps their clients succeed
  • Руслана Долговесоваhas quoted2 years ago
    Suggest that you work together so he can find the answers himself, or else refer him to someone who can help
  • Руслана Долговесоваhas quoted2 years ago
    Reasons why a potential client would choose you.
    Reason 1 ________________________________
    Reason 2 ________________________________
    Reason 3

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