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Coaching Basics

This Quadro introduces you to the basics of coaching. It explains the attitudes that make coaching successful and describes the most important techniques of asking questions and coaching methods. It is suitable for people, who want to start with coaching as well as for experienced coaches, who want to revive their knowledge.
Ideally suited for all, who want to accompany people in their processes of growth and change.
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Down to Earth
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  • Faizahas quoted3 years ago
    If a person only sees one option, they get stuck. If they perceive two equally good possibilities, they have a dilemma. However, when they discover three or more viable possibilities, they can think freely and decide clearly.

    It is therefore a foundational task in coaching to help the client to discover further options and to support the client in creating possibilities.
  • Faizahas quoted3 years ago
    Change occurs when people experience themselves as competent, effective and successful.
  • Faizahas quoted3 years ago
    confidence in the clients’ ability to develop and implement their solutions is expressed.

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