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Gertrude Stein

How to Write

Not so much a "how-to" guide as an inspirational journey into the craft of writing by one of the 20th-century's most influential and unconventional literary figures. Also valuable as an entry into Stein's own writings.
399 printed pages
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  • Daria Petrushinahas quoted7 years ago
    any moment when you are you you are you without the memory of yourself because if you remember yourself while you are you you are not for the purposes of creating you.
  • Talia Garzahas quoted2 years ago
    A sentence says that the end of it is that they send in order to better themselves in order to sentence. A sentence is that they will have will they be well as well. What is a sentence. A sentence is tardily with
  • Talia Garzahas quoted2 years ago
    Meditation. Means reserved the right to meditate.

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