Gertrude Stein

How to Write

    Daria Petrushinahas quoted4 years ago
    any moment when you are you you are you without the memory of yourself because if you remember yourself while you are you you are not for the purposes of creating you.
    Lliahas quoted6 years ago
    I made a discovery which I considered fundamental, that sentences are not emotional and that paragraphs are
    Lliahas quoted6 years ago
    It is interesting how most people write with their heads. That is to say there is a separation between thinking and writing. When this happens there is almost no feeling in the writing. Thinking and writing at the same time is feeling. Feelings of the moment without any memory. Most writing is a description of thinking that was done before the writing was written and not a realization of the thinking that goes on at the moment of writing. This is the crux of the writing of GS and almost all of it is writing and thinking done at the same time. Writing and thinking about the process of writing.
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