Erin Meyer

The Culture Map

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As today's business world becomes ever-more global and virtual, executives and managers are expected to work harmoniously together with counterparts from a broad array dramatically different cultures and backgrounds, often without leaving their desks. But when you throw people together who come from starkly different backgrounds and cultures— from Americans who precede anything negative with three nice comments to French, Dutch, Israelis and Germans who get straight to the point (“your presentation was simply awful”); from Latin Americans and Asians who are steeped in hierarchy to the Scandinavians who think the best boss is just one of the crowd— the result can sometimes be disastrous. Even with English as a global language, it's easy to fall into cultural traps that endanger careers and sink deals.In Culture Map, renowned expert Erin Meyer offers highly practical and timely perspective on one of today's most pressing business issues: how do…
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    Vitalyshared an impression2 years ago
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    Good book, definitely worth reading. A lot of insights, real life cases, and hacks.

    Valerie Noimanshared an impressionlast year
    👍Worth reading


    Veronika Zagievahas quoted3 months ago
    Tell them what you are going to tell them, then tell them, then tell them what you’ve told them
    Yana Manukhinahas quotedlast year
    The United States is the lowest-context culture in the world, and all Anglo-Saxon cultures fall on the left-hand side of the scale, with the United Kingdom as the highest-context culture of the Anglo-Saxon cluster. All the countries that speak Romance languages, including European countries like Italy, Spain, and France, and Latin American countries like Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina, fall to the middle right of the scale. Brazil is the lowest-context culture in this cluster. Many African and Asian countries fall even further right. Japan has the distinction of being the highest-context culture in the world.
    Yana Manukhinahas quotedlast year
    In Hindi the word “kal” means both tomorrow and yesterday.

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