Ronnie Israel

5-Ingredient Keto Desserts

There's more to a keto diet than Avocados, MCT oil, grass-fed meats and broths…
Enjoy a little sweetness every now and then!
Of course, ketogenic diet is wonderfully beneficial, but who's to say that just because you desire a healthier and happier you, you can no longer enjoy your favorite treats and delicacies? I say, no one can prevent you from having some indulgence every now and then that won't take you out of ketosis.

This book is an awesome collection of decadent keto desserts for keto lovers with sweet tooth. Here, you can have desserts that taste as good as sugar-packed ones, still satisfy your cravings, with your blood sugar and ketosis still intact! All the recipes are made with just 5 ingredients or even less and are easy to find, so you need not spend extra time shopping for a laundry list of ingredients to satisfy your sweet tooth. Each recipe contains nutrition information and total carb calculation!

There are cake recipes, chocolate recipes, ice cream recipes, mousses and pudding recipes, cookies, fat bombs, candies and confections, festivity recipes and many more! They are all keto, and all 5 ingredients or less. These dessert recipes are flavored with raspberries, strawberries, chocolates, coconuts, lemons, peanut butters, and much more, to enjoy with friends and family again and again.

Keep burning fat for fuel with these dessert recipes that are made with natural sweeteners and packed with healthy fats. This dessert cookbook is so awesome; everyone who gets a taste of the recipes it contains will want to follow the keto diet!

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