Helen Susan Swift

Women of Scotland

Women of Scotland is a thematic time trip through Scottish history, and the important part women have played in its past.

From the humble to the great, Scottish women have been at the forefront and background of events. Here are the fisherwomen, the warriors, the great writers, the Jacobites, the martyrs and the mill girls. Without them, Scotland would not have existed.

Join a great journey from the Dark Ages to the 21st century, and learn about the women who have been the driving force behind this small, yet dynamic nation.
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  • Tamarahas quoted4 months ago
    The last major episode concerning witches in Fife occurred in 1704 at Pittenweem.
  • Tamarahas quoted4 months ago
    'Mary Campbell,' the records say, 'is ordered to leave the parish because she sometimes reads cups for amusement.'
  • Tamarahas quoted4 months ago
    Perhaps Edinburgh's most famous wizard was Major Weir, one of the town guard who confessed to terrible sins and was duly executed, His elderly sister, similarly accused, entertained the crowd by stripping naked at the stake.

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