Helen Susan Swift

Helen Susan Swift is a Scottish author who writes books with a historical bent, either fiction or non-fiction, and is interested in what makes people tick and the world's mysteries. Her books have been translated into several languages, including Portuguese, Spanish, and Dutch.

Helen Susan Swift was born in Edinburgh and bred in the Scottish countryside. She grew up in castles and listening to fairy tales, which gave her books a certain quirkiness.

These are the weaknesses and concerns of people that interest her, the impact of image over reality, and the realization of the true depth of love rather than the shallow desire for material advantage. true

Helen Susan debuted with The Handfasters in 2016. She planned for this to be a one-off book, but then her love of history intervened, and others followed. She thinks the same about each book she produces: this will be the last, so it is a surprise when the desire for another arises.

Her Tales From The Dark Past Series reveals her interest in the supernatural and the impact of superstition on the minds of men and women. Life on this planet is a constant battle between good and evil, in whatever guise that takes. Sometimes good is victorious, as in the romance stories, sometimes the other side triumphs.

Helen Susan is one of the shyest people it is possible to meet. Very few people know she writes. She keeps herself to herself and does not encourage photographs.

Helen Susan Swift currently lives in the north-east of Scotland.


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Marcellinius claimed that 'a whole troop of foreigners would not be able to withstand a single Gaul if he called his wife to his assistance.'
Tamarahas quoted4 months ago
Marriage among the Celts was easy, and divorce so simple that weddings may have been an annual event.
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ten different forms of marriage in the Celtic world, from a conveniently casual sexual bond to permanent union.
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