Amy Spencer


A well informed study that champions the unsung heroes and heroines of DIY distribution in art, music, literary zines and culture. This exploration of lo-fi culture traces the origin of the DIY ethic to the skiffle movement of the 1950s, mail art, Black Mountain poetry and Avant-Garde art in the 1950s, the punk scene of the 1970s and 80s, right the way through to the current music scene. Through interviews with key writers, promoters and musicians (including Bikini Kill and Bratmobile) Amy charts the development of music outside of the publicity machine of the large companies, and examines the politics behind the production of the many 'home-made' recordings and publications available today.
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Marion Boyars
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  • Nic Monghithas quoted2 months ago
    He enjoys the drifting life, travelling across America in search of plates to wash.
  • Nic Monghithas quoted2 months ago
    freedom of spontaneous quitting.
  • Nic Monghithas quoted2 months ago
    He doesn’t want the responsibility of a job he feels tied to and is happy to travel across the country working temporarily in each town.
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