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Johan Stenebo

The Truth about IKEA

How did IKEA become the world's largest design brand, as popular as Lego, CocaCola and Nike? Still privately held, the company is renowned for its secrecy. In this candid analysis, former IKEA top director Johan Stenebo writes for the first time from inside corporation how the company transformed itself from one rural Swedish store of all sorts to a global behemoth with a turnover of over $30 billion and 700 million visitors a year purely on cash flow. Revealing IKEA's daring and unique business model warts and all, he covers the leadership of IKEA's controversial founder Ingvar Kamprad, whose right-hand man he was, and IKEA's resourceful ways of brand management using companies like Greenpeace and WWF to cover environmental issues.
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  • Ninohas quoted3 years ago
    increased to cater for
  • Yulia Ogorodnikovahas quoted5 years ago
    The familiar quotation by Ingvar that ‘simplicity is a virtue’ is central to the success story. Only mediocre people propose complicated solutions, he preaches. With this approach I shall also consider the IKEA phenomenon.
  • mail22801has quoted6 years ago
    IKEA’s factory group, Swedwood AB, had originally brought forward the ambitious idea of making sawmills and factories neighbours of the forest. They had acquired enormous areas of forest and were fine-tuning the schedule in order to implement

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