Kiley's Midnight Lover

Kiley doesn’t mean to spy on her best friend’s father while he’s masturbating in the living room one night. But Mr. McPherson is so sexy, and watching him makes her so horny! She just can’t resist watching him again and again!

Then he catches her at it, and she discovers that doing is even more fun than watching!

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

They played video games until nearly eleven, then told Mr. McPherson goodnight and headed upstairs. Kiley’s nerves were so tight that she could barely manage to lie still in her own bed until Bailey’s breathing slowed and steadied.

Once she was finally sure her best friend was soundly asleep, she crept out of the room and tiptoed downstairs on silent feet.

Would Mr. McP be naked in the living room again? Or had it just been a fluke?

If he caught her, she could always say she’d come down for a midnight snack…

Oh man, yeah, he was doing it again! Avidly she watched in rapt fascination as his big hand pumped up and down in a steady rhythm. Then she realized his lips were moving. Eagerly she crept right to the edge of the doorway…and sure enough, his husky voice was clearly audible!

“…oh yeah, baby…stroke it…up and down real slow, just the way I like it… Now faster. Oh, honey, yeah! Nice and deep!” His breathing began to quicken as his hand raced faster along his pulsing shaft. “Oh God…baby, slow down! I want it to last!

“Dance for me now. Swivel those pretty hips back and forth. Turn around and bend over… Oh, you look so sexy that way! Now back again, and sway to the music.”

A low groan tore from his throat, and he began to shudder. Urgency began to deepen his voice, and his head arched back as his rhythm shifted from smooth to jerky. “Now let me fill you…oh God! Kiley!”


Panicked, she turned and sprinted from the kitchen, and nearly flew up the stairs three at a time.

No! Breathlessly she skidded to a stop just outside Bailey’s bedroom door. He didn’t really say my name. He couldn’t have. I heard him wrong. He doesn’t really want me!

But oh, she wanted him!
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