Alana Church,Veronica Sloan,Pornelope

Enchanted Desires 2

Enchanted Desires is back, and for three horny families, sex is only the beginning!

The power of the coven is harnessed by taboo love in Alana Church’s “The Witch’s Daughter”, an incubus takes control in a double-dose of demonic pleasure in Veronica Sloan’s “Seduced By The Sex Demon,” and an Irish leprechaun grants a brother and sister’s most taboo wishes in Pornelope’s “Wishing On A Leprechaun!”

— “The Witch’s Daughter”

When her husband was killed, Claire Chamberlain and her family fled to Iowa. But now her children are grown. And to harness the sexual power of the coven, they need a man of power. John is the last male of his bloodline. Will he dare to take the final, forbidden step, and mate with The Witch's Daughter?

— “Seduced By The Sex Demon”

The magic ritual was supposed to turn Jeff Corven from a wimp into an alpha male, but Jeff's wife didn't read the spell's fine print. Now the man's soul is bound to a demon that takes full control of his body. Sexually insatiable and wielding a power to enflame human desire, the demon will fulfill Jeff's every naughty fantasy: bedding the neighbor, his boss, and even his beautiful step-daughter!

— “Wishing On A Leprechaun”

Bishop and Maggie are determined not to let their parents’ tragic deaths ruin their long-awaited vacation to Ireland. Then a puckish leprechaun grants their most secret wish…the forbidden taboo passion they’ve both secretly dreamed about! Anything can happen—anything at all—when two horny teenagers travel into the Irish hills, and churning lust and leprechaun magic collide!
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