Brother's Double-Crossed Virgin

Cara loves pulling pranks on her twin brother, Kean…and this April Fool’s Day prank is going to be the best one yet! But her wicked plot backfires when she creeps into his room to tease him awake, and discovers that he's already horny and desperate for sex.

Suddenly the tables have turned, and she finds herself helplessly enthralled by the stunning pleasure in his clever hands and muscular body. Can she stop him from going too far and taking her innocence? Does she even want to?

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

“This is going to be the best April Fool’s Day ever!”

Cara had no idea just how true that would be when she listened to her parents’ cars rumble out of the garage, then slid out of bed and checked her appearance in the mirror. Not that Kean would care how she looked…she was just his twin sister. But she wanted to look absolutely perfect when she unleased her wicked little surprise…

And she did. Her long dark hair was a tumbled mass of sable curls. Her brand-new silk teddy contrasted erotically against her golden-tanned skin. Every lush curve swelled enticingly beneath the translucent black lace.

Just to heighten his torment, she pulled off the lacy matching panties and tossed them aside.

Hot tingles began to spread through her entire body. Well, was it any wonder, considering what she planned to do?

She’d been planning her prank for weeks, and it was unquestionably the best one she’d ever devised. Kean was going to be so mad at her! And then they’d share a good laugh over it, as always, and she’d strut away the victor yet again.

He hadn’t managed to outdo her in years.

She’d taken care with her plans, griping incessantly about her bedroom door’s faint squeaking until her father had finally gone through the entire house with a can of WD-40. That faint creak had always protected her from Kean’s mischievous retaliation, but this would be worth losing her early-warning system.

After all, his door didn’t squeak anymore, either.

And since it was a weekday, their folks would be gone for hours. It just couldn’t get any better!

He was probably dreaming about Wendy right now and she wondered, a little jealously, how far they’d gone. Had the sultry blonde spread her legs yet and let Kean have sex with her? Or was she still just teasing him…the way Cara was about to do?

Excitement began to tingle through her limber body when she tiptoed into the hall and carefully twisted his bedroom knob. His door glided open without a sound.

Kean was sprawled across the mattress, bare-naked except for the thin sheet tangled around his lean waist. Cara eyed him with devilish delight. He’d grown strong and muscular over the years; her scrawny brother had matured into a really handsome young man!

Then her jaw dropped when she realized the sheet was jutting straight up and beneath it, his surprisingly big shaft was rising and falling in an incredibly erotic rhythm.

Surely it couldn’t really be that big, could it? Granted that she’d never actually seen one in real life, so maybe the tented sheet was making it look bigger than it really was. But it looked huge, at least seven or eight inches long!

He must be having a really amazing dream if he was that horny, she realized, and felt her cheeks flush as another hot tingle shot right through her belly and began to spread like warm honey through her veins.
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  • Chloe Jacksonhas quoted3 months ago
    Kean was sprawled across the mattress, bare-naked except for the thin sheet tangled around his lean waist


  • Chloe Jacksonhas quoted3 months ago
    Had the sultry blonde spread her legs yet and let Kean have sex with her? Or was she still just teasing him…

    Girl, what the fuck are you serious, but I was you I mean GO THE FUCK FOR IT

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