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Solomon Northup

Twelve Years a Slave

  • Kamal Khanhas quoted5 years ago
    That little paradise in the Great Pine Woods was the oasis in the desert, towards which my heart turned lovingly
  • Екатерина Рахманинаhas quoted2 years ago
    he had mingled with the world
  • Екатерина Рахманинаhas quoted2 years ago
    a direction in his will.
  • Nefeli Kavounihas quoted4 years ago
    "I ask no paradise on high,

    With cares on earth oppressed,

    The only heaven for which I sigh,

    Is rest, eternal rest."
  • Nefeli Kavounihas quoted4 years ago
    They are deceived who flatter themselves that the ignorant and debased slave has no conception of the magnitude of his wrongs. They are deceived who imagine that he arises from his knees, with back lacerated and bleeding, cherishing only a spirit of meekness and forgiveness. A day may come—it will come, if his prayer is heard—a terrible day of vengeance, when the master in his turn will cry in vain for mercy
  • Nefeli Kavounihas quoted4 years ago
    two between whom there may have been an exchange of tenderness, invariably manage to sit opposite; for the omnipresent Cupid disdains not to hurl his arrows into the simple hearts of slaves
  • Nefeli Kavounihas quoted4 years ago
    Sometimes the current of her wrath turned upon him whom she had just cause to hate. But the storm of angry words would pass over at length, and there would be a season of calm again.
  • Nefeli Kavounihas quoted4 years ago
    He respected and loved his wife as much as a coarse nature like his is capable of loving, but supreme selfishness always overmastered conjugal affection.
  • David robinshas quoted5 years ago
    Every effort has been made to replicate this text as faithfully as possible, including obsolete and variant spellings and other inconsistencies. Text that has been changed is noted at the end of this ebook.

    The cover image was created by the transcriber and is placed in the public domain.
  • Ульяна Кондратенковаhas quoted5 years ago
    Having been born a freeman, and for more than thirty years enjoyed the blessings of liberty in a free State—and having at the end of that time been kidn
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