Damien Rollins

Damien Rollins has worked security for a number of hotels throughout the world and somehow managed to land himself a job in the Bahamas (lucky bastard). He is now, and has always been, an avid sun worshipper. Much to the embarrassment of his family, he thinks nothing of striping down to his skivvies and parading his fifty year old body on a beach full of twenty-something's. Not many things have been known to ruffle Damianb s feathers in the past, except when people started talking about the Bermuda Triangle. Damien has been out to sea in the Bermuda Triangle, quite a few times actually. He loves to fish and claims thereb s nothing quite as relaxing as kicking back in the middle of the ocean with nothing to do but wait for the next bite. He and his trio of close friends even thought about entering a tournament in Bermuda at one time, but decided against it since none of them are very good. Damien says that the strangest things heb s ever encountered in the Bermuda Triangle are the tourists, especially the newcomers who seem to have every bit of lore at their fingertips, despite never having visited before. Thatb s why he started looking into the stories in the first place. He got tired of hearing them and decided to do something about it. He reasoned that the best way to shut people up was to show them how wrong they were. Itb s never worked before but hey, thereb s always a first time. But something happened that Damien hadnb t been expecting. He anticipated laughter, some of it raucous, but the stories started drawing him in. The more he read, the more he began to think that there might be something to a few of them after all. Damien still doesnb t believe in alien abductions and what he terms b other far out BSb , but heb s willing to admit that some of the cases are pretty strange. Heb s happy to let others ferret out the mystery, but he has been keeping an extra eye on his electronic equipment when he goes out fishing lately. And heb s a lot more tolerant of newbies and their stories, even providing additional details on occasion. Heb s finally decided to share some of his burgeoning expertise with the rest of us, if only to get away from the constant urgings of his eldest son.


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