Damien Rollins

True Paranormal Mystery From Haunted Islands

Most people think of sun, sand, and endless parties when they hear the word 'Caribbean'. In some cases all of that's true, which is why the Caribbean islands remain one of the premier destinations for sun worshippers and party goers worldwide. Here's a not so hidden secret though: the history of the Caribbean is much darker than many people realize. The islands of the Caribbean became prized possessions during the age of exploration. Some, such as Trinidad, could act as a launching pad for further journeys into South America, while others were sought after for their fertile soil. Many plantations sprung up to take full advantage of profitable crops such as coffee and cacao. However, the colonial masters certainly weren't going to undertake the grueling labor themselves. Thus the often violent and bloody slave trade began. Any reputable history text will tell of the suffering faced by many slaves at the hands of their masters, who were perfectly willing to sacrifice human rights in the name of greed. As if that wasn't enough, entire islands often changed hands when wars were fought between European invaders. As one can imagine, losses were incurred on both sides. What does that have to do with the Caribbean of today? If you're a paranormal enthusiast: everything. Even a novice knows that places with violent and tragic histories are often breeding grounds for paranormal activity. Negative energy tends to build up and, with nowhere for it to go, the location often becomes a hub for ghostly activities. There's no shortage of such areas in the Caribbean. If you're planning a visit to the Caribbean and you'd like to check out some haunted sites, but you're on a budget, look no further than the region's multitude of ghostly plantations. There are literally hundreds of these old estates spanning across the islands although some, such as the Lopinot Plantation in Trinidad, have acquired a special reputation. These plantations were often the sites of excessive cruelty towards slaves and, in some cases, even murder. If you're not thrilled at the idea of visiting one of those on a gloomy, overcast day, why not try your luck at one of Caribbean's spooky lighthouses? The very nature of the building, with its dead-of-night isolation, lends itself to stories of nightly visitations and strange occurrences. Could you imagine spending a night alone, out in the middle of nowhere, with nothing but the haunting sounds of the surrounding darkness to keep you company? It easy to understand why the Caribbean is a 'must see' for anyone interested in paranormal phenomenon. But, with so many choice destinations, how's a paranormal enthusiast to decide where to go? Well the first thing would be to consult this eBook for nine of the best attractions the haunted Caribbean has to offer. This is by no means an exhaustive list and each Caribbean island has its own legends and areas of interest. The sites being presented to you are simply some of the most well known, and most active, haunted locations. Let's get started, shall we?
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