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Nastya Richterhas quotedlast year
There are two modes of knowledge, through argument and experience. Argument brings conclusions and compels us to concede them, but it does not cause certainty nor remove doubts in order that the mind may remain at rest in truth, unless this is provided by experience.
Nastya Richterhas quotedlast year
If it is felt that truth about extraphysical fact must be sought only through a certain way of thinking, the rational and ‘scientific’ one, there can be no contact between the Sufi and the supposedly objective seeker.
Nastya Richterhas quotedlast year
Drunk without wine; sated without food; distraught; foodless and sleepless; a king beneath a humble cloak; a treasure within a ruin; not of air and earth; not of fire and water; a sea without bounds. He has a hundred moons and skies and suns. He is wise through universal truth — not a scholar from a book.4
Is he a man of religion? No, he is far, far more: ‘He is beyond atheism and faith alike — what are merit and sin to him? He is hidden — seek him!’
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