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Idries Shah

The Way of the Sufi

The Way of the Sufi presents an unparalleled cross-section of material from Sufi schools, teachings and classical writings, as a basic course of Sufi study. The author begins with the outward aspects of the teaching most likely to puzzle the student coming fresh to the subject. He considers various attitudes to Sufi ideas, and evidence of their absorption into medieval Christianity, Hinduism, Jewish mysticism and modern philosophical teachings. The greater part of the book illuminates aspects of Sufi activity and practice relevant to the contemporary world.
280 printed pages
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  • Roksana Kuchievahas quoted7 years ago
    You possess only whatever will not be lost in a shipwreck.
  • Roksana Kuchievahas quoted7 years ago
    A Quality must have a Vehicle
    Speed, which becomes a virtue when it is found in a horse, by itself has no advantages.
  • Roksana Kuchievahas quoted7 years ago
    None learned the art of archery from me
    Who did not make me, in the end, the target.

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