Warren Hilton

Warren Hilton is an American author of such mind-developing books as Initiative Psychic Energy, Making Your Own World and Efficiency Factors.


Marina Efremovahas quoted2 years ago
As a working unit you are a kind of one-man business corporation made up of two departments, the mental and the physical.
Mia Alishas quoted10 months ago
The distinction between wise use and misuse lies in whether disintegrating or creative thoughts, with their correspondingly energizing or depressing emotions or feelings, are allowed to hold sway in consciousness.

Energizing Emotions

When we speak of energizing emotions or feelings we mean love, courage, brightness, earnestness, cheer, enthusiasm. When we speak of depressing emotions or feelings we mean doubt, fear, worry, gloom.

No elements are more essential to a successful business or a successful life than the right kind of emotional elements.
Mia Alishas quoted10 months ago
Even without our telling you, you know that whenever a man makes up his mind that he is beaten in some fight his very thinking so helps on the fatal outcome.
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