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Warren Hilton

Applied Psychology: Driving Power of Thought / Being the Third in a Series of Twelve Volumes on the / Applications of Psychology to the Problems of Personal and / Business Efficiency

61 printed pages
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  • El Ricohas quoted7 months ago
    The Archives of the Mind
  • annkaragwahas quoted7 months ago
    There are, therefore, four Prime Laws of Association—the Law of Habit, the Law of Recency, the Law of Contiguity and the Law of Vividness
  • Mia Alishas quoted10 months ago
    At the outset of every undertaking you are confronted with two ways of attacking it. One is with doubt and uncertainty; the other is with courage and confidence.

    Two Ways of Attacking Business Problems

    The first of these mental attitudes is purely negative. It is inhibitory. It is made up of mental pictures of yourself in direful situations, and these mental pictures bring with them depressing emotions and muscular inhibitions.

    The second attitude is positive. It is inspiring. It is made up of mental pictures of yourself bringing the affair to a triumphant issue, and these mental pictures bring with them stimulating emotions and the impulses to those bodily activities that will realize your aims.

    You have only to start the thing off with the right mental attitude and hold to it. All the rest is automatic. Think this over.

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