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Jessa James

  • Lacie Marsalahas quoted3 months ago
    You never have to do anything you don't want to
  • Angel Solocasahas quoted4 months ago
    Made my balls ache. She'd been perfect.
  • xongi777has quoted3 months ago
    One that rocked his world then fucked up his life
  • Ginny Burnshas quoted10 months ago
    spinster cat lady with a cobweb covered vagina
  • Ginny Burnshas quoted10 months ago
    “I’m going to marry her, that’s what’s going on.”
    Ford laughed like a bachelor who didn't have his heart—and his dick—in knots for one particular woman. “Does she know that?”
  • Sylwia Figielhas quoted2 years ago
    Gabe…you’re the one who helped me apply to college and the jobs at the pre-schools. You’ve done more than anyone ever has…more than my own mother…you’re like a boyfriend and father rolled into one.
  • b2768103257has quotedlast year
    he was devouring her with his eyes
  • b2768103257has quotedlast year
    moonlight flooded through the window
  • Zahraa Almtoryhas quoted5 months ago
    hat you could run your hands through. He looked to be at least six foot four and had a smoldering inte

    Hi im horny when is the spocy cip cuming

  • Zahraa Almtoryhas quoted5 months ago
    He looked like an animal ready to attack his prey and then a second later the look was gone like it was never there and replaced with a genuine smile. It made Reagan's heart race and she suddenly felt incredibly uncomfortable.
    Reagan turned in her stool to avoid his contact. What the hell was wrong with her? She was used to men staring at her but that look, Lucas’ look was different. Almost predatory and it frightened her. She was still a virgin and had just turned nineteen last week. She wasn’t very familiar with sexual feelings; oh she had her share of college guys she had dated but she knew that they either wanted her because of her money or body and she sure as hell wasn't about to hand her virginity over to some frat boy that had no idea what he was doing. Nope! She was saving herself for the right man. A man that wanted her for her and nothing more. She wanted her first time to be magical and a night to remember for the rest of her life. That wasn't so much to ask for she thought.
    A few minutes passed by and as she turned to look at her brother and guest a yawn escaped and she couldn't help but apologize as they both looked at her.
    Aiden smiled and said, "It's been a long day sis. Why don't you head to bed and we'll see you in the morning."
    "Are you sure?" She asked raising an eyebrow and stepping off the stool.
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