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Jessa James

Jessa James is an American romance author who writes about “sexy alpha males who know exactly what they want — and aren’t afraid to say it”. Her books are currently available in five languages

There is not much known about the novelist. The official website says that Jessa James grew up on the East Coast, lived in six states, and had a variety of jobs. Now Jessa works full-time as a writer. She has published about 20 books.

Jessa James should not be confused with Jessica James, an award-winning historical fiction and suspense/thriller author from Pennsylvania, or with the German writer Jessica G. James (Gabriele Trosbach from Bochum).

Whether Jessa is a real person or is someone's pseudonym is unknown.

Photo credit: book cover “Beg Me”


Published books


Lacie Marsalahas quotedlast month
You never have to do anything you don't want to
Angel Solocasahas quoted2 months ago
Made my balls ache. She'd been perfect.
xongi777has quotedlast month
One that rocked his world then fucked up his life


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