Forgotten Sci-Fi Classics

MDP Publishing has once again compiled a collection of 6 stories from some of history's most prolific Science Fiction icons. These stories were originally published by Galaxy Science Fiction Magazine in the 1950's.
Stories include the 3 part full length novel The Fireman, by Ray Bradbury, the original story that his famous Farenheit 451 was based upon! Other stories include Arthur C. Clarke's The Stroke of the Sun, Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.'s The Big Trip Up Yonder, and two short stories by Academy Award-winning actor Alan Arkin.
With all of the originally artwork from each issue of  Galaxy, you can experience these stories the same way science fiction fans from the 1950's did!
Look for more editions of MDP'sGalaxy's Science Fiction series, available now at e-retailers worldwide.
137 printed pages
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