Regina Cruz

DIY Herbal Antibiotics and Antivirals

Why Panic When You Can Do It Yourself!
Herbs have been in use for millions of years for treatment and consumption purposes.
Herbal antibiotics and antivirals are proven and established natural methods for treating infections and minor ailments. However, a lot of people are not privy to this information and still resort to traditional medicines which are increasingly becoming ineffective due to the low resistant level of chemical antibiotics to infections. Then again, there is also the issue of side effects.
This book presents safer, cheaper, less-time consuming and highly effective ways to treat these ailments in the comfort of your home and in a range of ways as well.
Here you will learn how to make herbal teas, capsules, syrups, tinctures, poultices, salves, compresses and many more from common and budget-friendly ingredients.
This book also contains:
•  65 remedies to make a wide range of herbal antibiotics and antivirals
•  Separate information on herbal antibiotics and antivirals herbs; how they work, how they are used, cautions and their level of effectiveness.
•  An extensive section devoted to safety and preparation tips; detailing preventative actions, procedure to follow, storage and labeling.
•  Fully described recipes with details of the ailments, dosage to be taken and cautions if necessary.
•  Quick and easy recipes to treat minor and even a few major ailments.
•  Different approaches to address an ailment.
So take a look at the table of contents and I bet you will like what you see. But don’t just stop there, download this book for in it lies a wealth of rare information that will save you time, money and keep you healthy from year to year.
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