Rina S. Gritton

The Heavenly Bowls of Buddha Goodness

These Buddha Bowl recipes are not just the trending food in town; it is what your body needs and your tongue crave for at all times. A Buddha Bowl is the agglomeration of a single bowl of delicious and healthy food ingredients. It is a dish based on a balanced combination of vegetables, grains, and proteins. These food classes are not just to be obtained from any source; they should be from organic and life-giving sources that are in peace with the environment and your body.

The term Buddha Bowl tends to elicit a picture of a vegan which is most often the case. However, the recipes cater to the needs of non-vegan individuals too. In as a lot of us are becoming more conscious of our health and eating habits, some persons who seek enlightenment through the way of Buddha will find this book exceptional helpful in meeting their nutritional requirements.

The combination of ingredients ranging from fish, meat to vegetables and grains for the Bowls is almost infinite. This is as a result of the diverse cultures and individual preferences when it comes to how the Bowl is put together. It doesn't matter what your food orientation is, there is something for you. A Buddha Bowl is very easy to prepare with quite a lot of the components requiring little or no cooking.

This book will guide you in making meals that are mouthwatering and at the same time healthy serving as a bonus for the minimal time you spent in preparing it.  There is never a dull moment with putting together a Buddha Bowl and enjoying the meal with loved ones.

Are you ready to cleanse your body with some soul-lifting food?

Are you ready to walk away from junk and polluting foods?

Do you think it is time you begin to care for the health of your body?

Looking out for those around you who you genuinely care for?

Then it is time you get this book and lovingly put the recipes and meals together for a healthy and fun filled life.
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