Rina S. Gritton

Low Carb Keto Alcohol and Beverages Recipes

Attaining your optimum body weight while on a ketogenic diet can be one long drawn out battle. Why do you say that? This is just because of you falling off the wagon while indulging in your favorite drinks and foods loaded with carbs way beyond your daily limits. One major culprit is what we drink; cocktails, beverages, and smoothies.

There is an abundance of alcohols and drinks you can have while in ketosis that will merge easily with your ketogenic diet plan.

Studies abound on the numerous benefits of alcohol to cut down the risks of heart diabetes, heart problems, and your general wellbeing.

There is quite some school of thoughts which are against the intake of alcohol while on a diet.  If you like your cocktails and drinks, I am happy to tell you that you can keep drinking, modestly I must add. With the recipes listed out in this book, the massive sugar levels have been reduced or eliminated without affecting the great taste you have become accustomed to with these drinks.

I will show you recipes on preparing your teas, coffees, cocktails and much way with negating the ketosis environment your body is currently enjoying.  It matters not if you are at home enjoying a cup of tea, or a smoothie after a workout, having friends over for a get together; there is something for every occasion in this book.

The recipes are quite easy to follow with ingredients readily available at the stores and in your home. This gives you peace of mind making your fresh drinks at any time rather than picking something off the shelves that you are not certain of the components.

This book will give you the following:

Recipes for making teas, coffees, smoothies, and cocktails.

Some essential nutritional information on ingredients you can use to make healthy drinks.

And so much more!

Just click the buy button now and get started with your incredible journey to drinking while remaining in ketosis.

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