Roman Sedlar

THESAURUS for Students of Science

This book is a combination of an explanatory dictionary and a thesaurus — it provides unique vocabulary clarification not only when studying science in English, but also when reading professional texts or writing comprehensive essays in English. You will not need piles of science dictionaries, thesauri or scientific encyclopedias. If you need to look up a proper word, its definition, synonym, antonym, its form in other parts of speech or examples of its use, this book will provide all the answers in one place.

More than 1,000 professional vocabulary items in their various forms are contained within 202 entries. You can look up not only words of similar meaning (synonyms) or opposites (antonyms) but also the pronunciation, the word type, the definition of the word, the form in different parts of speech and the most common collocations.

Any of the 12,000 words contained in this book can be quickly and easily searched using the magnifying glass icon in any e-book reader application — the app displays all pages of the book where the searched word appears. Additionally, the hamburger icon provides quick access to the alphabetical list of entries.

Using this book is easy, fast and helpful. It will become an essential tool — not only for students but also for any English vocabulary user in the field of science.
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