Roman Sedlar


After the successful publication of the previous book explaining 101 mistakes in English, there is another sequel that will increase your awareness of correct English. This book presents another 100 common mistakes that are made by both beginners and advanced speakers. All expressions are arranged in alphabetical order as individual entries in a dictionary — hence the title 'MISTAKETIONARY'.

Each item contains an incorrect expression, and most of them come with the possible reason why the mistake occurs. The terms and expressions are then explained from the point of view of etymology (origin of words), phonetics (pronunciation), morphology (grammatical forms), or syntax (the structure of sentences).

Any of the 100 mistake items can be quickly and easily searched using the hamburger icon in any e-book reader application — it provides quick access to the alphabetical list of entries.

After reading this book, you will avoid making mistakes in English pronunciation as well as in many English phrases and expressions.
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