Steve Blank

The Startup Owner's Manual: The Step-by-Step Guide for Building a Great Company

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    Денисhas quoted7 years ago
    seldom aspire to take over an industry or build a $100 million business.
    Zamiq Zamiqhas quoted6 months ago
    4. Emphasis on Execution Instead of Hypotheses, Testing, Learning, and Iteration
    Startup cultures emphasize “get it done, and get it done fast.” So it’s natural that heads of engineering, sales and marketing all believe they are hired for what they know how to do, not what they can learn. They assume that their experience is relevant to this new venture and that all they need do is put that knowledge to work managing the execution that’s worked for them before.

    While established companies execute business models where customers, problems, and necessary product features are all knowns, startups need to operate in a “search” mode as they test and prove every one of their initial hypotheses. They learn from the results of each test, refine the hypothesis and test again, all in search of a repeatable, scalable a
    Zamiq Zamiqhas quoted6 months ago
    Bits: The Second Industrial Revolution

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