The Path of Yoga

Yoga is now internationally an integral part of our health-conscious cultural landscape. It is practiced by millions for health and fitness reasons. While Yoga is seen and practiced mostly as a body exercise program, the interest in the philosophical and spiritual dimension of Yoga is growing.This book introduces us to Patanjali, the founder of ancient Yoga in India. It takes us step by step into a deeper understanding of the essence and origins of Yoga. Osho introduces and unlocks Patanjali's ancient sutras, revealing how contemporary this ancient message truly is. It quickly becomes clear that we are just on the cusp of a gaining a much deeper understanding of Yoga and its place in our evolving world. Surprisingly, the mind even more than the body is the focus of Patanjali’s teaching. He says: “Yoga is the cessation of mind.”As Osho says: «This is the definition of Yoga, the best definition. Yoga has been defined in many ways; there are many definitions. Some say Yoga is the meeting of the mind with the divine; hence, it is called yoga — yoga means meeting, joining together. Some say that Yoga means dropping the ego, ego is the barrier: the moment you drop the ego you are joined to the divine. You were already joined; it only appeared that you were not joined because of the ego. There are many definitions, but Patanjali’s is the most scientific. He says: Yoga is the cessation of mind.“What is the mind? What is the mind doing there? What is it? Ordinarily we think that mind is something substantial there, inside the head. Patanjali doesn’t agree, and no one who has ever known the inside of the mind will agree. Modern science also doesn’t agree. Mind is not something substantial inside the head. Mind is just a function, just an activity.”
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    Olga Neumannhas quoted10 months ago
    Remember, if the body is not moving your mind cannot move, because mind and body are not two things, they are two poles of one phenomenon. You are not body and mind, you are bodymind.
    naznizhas quotedlast year
    You are hoping something is going to happen tomorrow – the doors of paradise will open tomorrow. They never open today, and when tomorrow comes it will not come as tomorrow, it will come as today, but by that time your mind has moved again. You go on moving ahead of yourself: this is what dreaming means.
    Azhar Suleimenovahas quoted2 years ago
    Nietzsche is right when he says that man cannot live with the truth. He needs lies, he lives through lies. Nietzsche says that we go on saying that we want the truth, but no one wants it. Our so-called truths are nothing but lies, beautiful lies. No one is ready to see the naked reality.

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