Jeff Leighton

Probate Real Estate Investing

Learn how to find great real estate deals that most people don't even know exist.

In this book, you will discover…

How to start doing probate deals ASAP, even if you know nothing about the probate process.

How to find any probate list and even outsource the list building for under $5 an hour.

Learn 5 different marketing strategies that myself and other investors have used to consistently find deals.

How to avoid common probate investing mistakes.

Learn multiple exit strategies for probate deals so that you can maximize every lead.

And much, much more…

Who is this book for?

The Ultimate Guide To Buying and Selling Probate real estate is for any investor or real estate agent who is looking to get more out of their business utilizing a special niche (probate) that has significantly less competition than any other niche of real estate.

This book will help you get started in the probate world or if you have experience already, can take your business to the next level with proven strategies from a real estate investor.
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Jeff Leighton
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