Maxine L. Byrne

Keto Bread

From an author previously faced with the same predicament as you are now, (torn between your desire to lose weight and hunger for delicious bread slices) comes this purposely written book for you.

The ketogenic diet focuses on the fat side of meals than the carbohydrate side, it is with this format that the diet effectively helps the body to lose weight by shedding the excess body fat for energy purpose instead of the carbohydrate it was originally designed to.

Achieving your weight loss goals will become very easy when you still have the opportunity to satisfy one or two cravings for irregular ketogenic foods. Remaining in ketosis can be achieved while still having a go at sumptuous & delicious bread slices and other flour made meals.

This book offers practical guide on how to prepare low carbohydrate bread recipes and other flour made meals like muffins, pizza, buns, bagels and much more.

With a step by step and easy to understand approach, this book has been carefully written and subcategorized into several chapters with the aim of making your stay in ketosis as easy as possible.

With recipes such as; buttered ketogenic bread, mozzarella cheese bread twists, coconut, onion & garlic flour bread, paleo pumpkin bread and garlic buttered naan bread among others as well as properly spelt out nutritional information, this book is the only Keto Bread Cookbook that will help you to stay ketosis without starving your cravings.
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