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Harper Bliss

In the Distance There Is Light

Two women lose the man they love. All they have left is each other.

After her partner dies in a terrible accident, Sophie thinks she’ll never recover. But when her sorrow leads her to Dolores, who understands the depth of her grief, Sophie is shocked to find herself wondering: Is it too soon to love again?

If you love deeply emotional lesbian romance with a twinge of controversy, don't miss this intense but hopeful novel by chart-topper Harper Bliss.

The Lesbian Review's Best Book of 2016!

What readers are saying about IN THE DISTANCE THERE IS LIGHT:

★★★★★ «A wonderful and deeply moving romance novel.»

★★★★★ “More Than Entertainment!”

★★★★★ «A book I keep going back to read again & again.»

What reviewers are saying about IN THE DISTANCE THERE IS LIGHT:

“Harper's best book ever!” - The Lesbian Review
228 printed pages
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    👍Worth reading

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