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Harper Bliss

The Road to You

Opposites attract… or do they?

Workaholic Katherine and free-spirited singer Ali have disliked each other since college. Fate, however, keeps bringing them together and the paths of their lives keep crossing. Are some differences in personality simply too vast to overcome? Or are some things just meant to be? Find out in this light-hearted but epic new book from best-selling author Harper Bliss.

If you love a deliciously slow-burning lesbian romance, The Road to You is sure to satisfy!
214 printed pages
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  • milishared an impression3 years ago
    👍Worth reading



  • b7034758390has quoted2 years ago
    ignore me when I want you to look at me the most.
  • b7034758390has quoted2 years ago
    “I’m the shop owner and you’re the customer. You want to buy some acorns and the leaves are money.”

    “That’s boring.”

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