Jessie Newton

The Seashell Promise

Annie Mason is ready for a holiday where someone else decides the menu, makes the food, and provides the entertainment for her two teenage girls. So it's easy to board the ferry and go to Nantucket, where her sister has invited her for a feast at The Lighthouse Inn.
Julia Harper is excited to host her sister at the inn. And her half-sister, Janey Forsythe, who she's grown closer and closer to over the past few months. She's not as excited when her mother calls and asks if she and her dad can come.
Sandy and Ryan Harper have had a rocky few months once Sandy learned about Janey, who her husband fathered decades ago with another woman. Julia doesn't know how to tell them they can't come to the holiday festivities on Nantucket. So she tells them yes.
It'll just be one big family party, she decides, especially with both of Janey's children on the island too.
Maddy Lancaster finds an old book Julia wrote back in college, and she wants to go through the steps the reunited best friends once outlined in The Seashell Promise. But with so many personalities trying to mix, and one too many disasters happening on Nantucket, the sisters, half-sisters, and new friends must learn how to navigate difficult situations with grace, strength, and kindness.
When a mysterious woman arrives at Tessa Simmons' front door, claiming she can help clear the name of a man who's been on the run for months, a new chapter must be opened in each woman's life…one that could put all of them at risk.
Escape to Nantucket in this women's fiction mystery and experience fun, friendship, and family bonds in the heartwarming Nantucket Point series by USA Today bestselling author, Jessie Newton!
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