Jessie Newton

The Cottage on Nantucket

After their mother dies, two sisters return to the cottage where they spent their summers growing up. Nantucket Point is exactly the same: charming, warm, and filled with memories both good and bad.
Janey and Tessa are cut from two completely different cloths, but they've managed to stay close over the years. Divorced twice and currently single, Janey Forsythe is on the brink of a huge promotion at work. But, she needs money now to get some much-needed home repairs done so she can sell her house.
Tessa Simmons has always been the “good girl,” the sister who lives by the rules and has the perfect suburban life. If only perfect didn't equate to boring.
When they arrive at the cottage on Nantucket after their mother's death, they begin down a road filled with the ghosts of their past. And when Tessa finds a final letter addressed only to her in a locked desk drawer, the two sisters will start down a path that uncovers secret after secret and exposes them to danger at their Nantucket cottage.
Amidst the new truths they find, can Janey and Tessa redefine the bonds of friendship and sisterhood? Or will they lose everything because the rift between them is too wide?
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