Jason B. Tiller

7 Days Detox Diet

This seven-day detox diet program will enlighten you about healthy food choices and lifestyle changes you need to incorporate into your daily activities to ensure a wholesome turnaround in your eating habits. The recipes outlined in this book will make your detox program a delightful experience will you burn away unwanted fat, and your body gains back its vitality.

The steps and foods listed out in this book are based on reliable and tested researches in Medicine and Science. Your body is a connection of dependent units and no one-part works alone. So any problem affecting one part invariably one way or the other slows down the functioning of another organ.

This book will focus on you as an individual and not on your ailments or disabilities. Despite the fact that we are unique in our different ways, we all have a common connecting factor which is to have fully functioning bodies.

From my years of research and practice, I have come across several patients and gathered experience in helping out with weight loss and detox programs. So this book will help you;

Lose excess body fat easily

Put together healthy and delicious dishes

Detox in 7 days the healthy way

This book is a must-have if you intend cleansing your body of harmful toxins while shedding some excess body fat at the same time.

So get a copy now!

Bon appétit!

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