Jason B. Tiller

Overcoming Eating Disorders

Eating disorders and body images problems are quite common among athletes, and this may be a pointer to a bad issue that is often overlooked. Eating disorders have been discovered but most times kept a secret in most sports. It may be undiagnosed or concealed merely due to the competitive nature of the games. Athletes may engage in harmful nutritional practices, strict diets or dietary supplements. Purging, restrictive diets and bingeing have devastating impacts on the general well-being of such people. These acts are carried out to improve their performances, but the results may often prove counterproductive.

The performance of athletes suffering from eating disorders may spike and then a downhill spiral which leads to further health problems arises. If left untreated or overlooked, it can be life-threatening. Just like these problems are found in the general populace, so it also affects a significant number of athletes. This book aims to bring to the fore simple and easy to practice diagnostic practices for both the athlete, coaches and people around high-performance athletes who are often under significant stress to up their output levels.

Are you an athlete with symptoms of an eating disorder and you keeping it under wraps?

Are you a mentor, coach, parent or someone with significant influence over an athlete?

Get this book now and start the journey towards healing and sustainable performance.

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  • İdil Serra Firidinhas quoted4 years ago
    parents who did not achieve much in their heydays trying to "live" through their children.
  • İdil Serra Firidinhas quoted4 years ago
    A very high competitive drive and the desire to be the best is often linked strongly to the compulsion of being in charge, having absolute control can be found in all classes of persons with an eating disorder.
  • İdil Serra Firidinhas quoted4 years ago
    . The illness is a combination of several factors most of which are not known yet.
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